Holy Caftan


The search for clothes, fabrics, embroideries, designs, and prints is the starting point of each collection. The fashion archive is everywhere. A trunk in an attic. The detail of a painting. The punched cards for an old Jacquard loom.

Each object tells a story, and each story is the warp that holds up a weft of things, people, knowledge, meanings, desires. Developing a garment means for us to immerse ourselves in this interweaving, understand it and, with respect, make it our own too.

Capi in lino e ricamo Holy Caftan
Ricamo camicia uomo holy Caftan
Lavorazione artigianale capi in lino Holy Caftan

A large creative community

Weaving mills specialized in natural fibres, clothing manufacturers, embroiderers, and artisans from Campania.

The collections are created thanks to dialogue with our suppliers, a large creative community open to discussion. Unity of places means unity of purpose: direct contact, side by side, makes the quality of the process.

We try to share as much information as possible about our products, who made them, where, what materials they are made of, what ideas inspired their design. In short, we believe in transparent communication because we have a story to tell.

Embroidery Living Reality

A heritage of care and knowledge that just needs to continue to make its voice heard. And what a voice! It can be delicate and elusive,

material and precious, geometric or pictorial. Nothing more than embroidery can make a garment unique and recognizable, without however overlapping it, but merging into one with the fabric.

Lavorazione artigianale Holy Caftan uomo
Kimono Holy Caftan

Balance and Freedom

Holiday comes from the Latin word ‘vacare’, meaning to be empty, therefore free. For us, being empty does not mean being vacuous, but reaching a mental balance that allows you to access the present moment.

Free to immerse yourself in nature and connect with your body and mind.

It’s not about self-referential hedonism, it’s opening to the world. Get to know yourself first and then recognize others. It’s a very important issue and fashion is not that important. But maybe a little bit of it can help.

The harmony of volumes is our goal. The dynamism of Greek and Roman sculpture is our ideal.