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Holiday comes from the Latin word ‘vacare’, meaning to be empty, therefore free. For us, being empty does not mean being vacuous, but reaching a mental balance that allows you to access the present moment.

Free to immerse yourself in nature and connect with your body and mind.

It’s not about self-referential hedonism, it’s opening to the world. Get to know yourself first and then recognize others. It’s a very important issue and fashion is not that important. But maybe a little bit of it can help.

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Gabriela Fluss Tramontano

Born and raised in Sorrento, Maria Gabriela is the granddaughter of the painter Lucia Fluss and the archaeologist Willhelm Fluss. She worked in Milan for a long time with several luxury fashion brands. Her own line, Holy Caftan, was started in 2013 after her come back in Naples.

The project focuses on the rediscovery of southern Italy’s trousseau, unique garments characterized by sophisticated embroidery on fine linen and cotton fabrics. A heritage that has passed from mother to daughter over the centuries.

Heritage of style and heritage of craftsmanship, which Holy Caftan aims to develop and preserve by making exclusive use of local artisans. With the introduction of a man collection in Summer 2024, the line is now able to offer a wide variety of styles, which have found the approval of a global customer base.